Sermon Series: A Life That Honors God by Frank Damazio

A life that honors God is the goal of every believer, new or old. What are the absolute undeniable marks of an honorable person? Would you consider yourself honored by God and honoring God? All of us must answer the questions why am I here? Who am I? What should I do? To answer these questions, we need to honor the Scriptures and gain a right perspective on life. This series will give the profile of an honorable person and the principles that an honorable person respects.
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  • Honorable Person Profile (1 of 5)Frank Damazio
  • Honoring The Giving Principle (2 of 5)Frank Damazio
  • Honoring Wisdom (3 of 5)Frank Damazio
  • Honoring and Loving Jesus (4 of 5)Frank Damazio
  • Honoring Humility (5 of 5)Frank Damazio

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