Sermon Series: Amazing Givers by Frank Damazio

Our amazing God is the most outrageous and astonishing giver. He gives life, grace, hope, abundance, and He overflows our lives with good things. His grace flows into us and through us so that we become amazing givers. We are all to be amazing givers just as God is an extravagant giver. This series will show you how much of an amazing giver God is and how there are opportunities around you at all times to be an amazing giver. You'll be stretched and inspired to seize every opportunity to give, expecting God to reward your faith and open His hands to release unusual blessings, provision, and miracles.
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  • Amazing Overflow (1 of 4)Frank Damazio
  • Outrageous Giving (2 of 4)Frank Damazio
  • Amazing Opportunity (3 of 4)Frank Damazio
  • Amazing Expectations (4 of 4)Frank Damazio

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