Sermon Series: The Unknown Prophets by Chris Brown

Join us as we explore the lives and teachings of the 12 minor prophets. They are not called minor because they are less important but because their stories are shorter than the major prophets. A prophet is one who speaks for someone else, in this case God. Let's hear what they have to say to us today.

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  • The Minor Prophets…Who Were They? (1 of 17)Chris Brown
  • How The Family Was Broken (2 of 17)Chris Brown
  • Are You Sure You Want God to Show Up? (3 of 17)Larry Osborne
  • The Not so Famous Amos (4 of 17)Larry Osborne
  • Obadiah (5 of 17)Larry Osborne
  • You Can Run But You Can't Hide (6 of 17)Larry Osborne
  • Jesus' Favorite Easter Story (7 of 17)Chris Brown
  • When the Preachers Lie (8 of 17)Larry Osborne
  • Case No. 0693BC God V. His People (9 of 17)Chris Brown
  • Nahum: Where Is God's Justice? (10 of 17)Chris Brown
  • The Other Side of Faith (11 of 17)Larry Osborne
  • Don't Make Me Come down There (12 of 17)Chris Brown
  • How to Patch the Hole in Your Pocket (13 of 17)Larry Osborne
  • Renewing the Vows (14 of 17)Chris Brown
  • Stuff God Cares About (15 of 17)Larry Osborne
  • Love The One You're With (16 of 17)Chris Brown
  • Our Father's Thoughts On Fathering (17 of 17)Chris Brown

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