Sermon Series: Tales of the Kingdom by Larry Osborne

Old Testament prophecies spoke of a Messiah that would come and establish a kingdom. The Jews assumed that this king, this Messiah, would come and establish an earthly kingdom to rule and conquer at will. What they didn't expect was that when Jesus came, He came to establish an eternal kingdom acquired by service and love. In "Tales of the Kingdom," we take a closer look at Jesus' parables.

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  • The Real Graceland Isn't In Tennessee (1 of 8)Larry Osborne
  • Lessons From A Dysfunctional Family (2 of 8)Chris Brown
  • Straight Talk About Prayer (3 of 8)Larry Osborne
  • Why Some Get It… And Some Don't (4 of 8)Chris Brown
  • Eternity - Now Taking Applications (5 of 8)Chris Brown
  • Which Side Of The Road Will You Choose? (6 of 8)North Coast Church
  • Forgiving Others -Why It's Way More Important Than Most People Think It Is (7 of 8)Larry Osborne
  • Investing 101 (8 of 8)Larry Osborne

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