Sermon Series: Psalms - Greatest Hits of the OT by Chris Brown

When it comes to the Psalms, people either love them or hate them! Psalms is very unique. This series takes some of the Psalms that are most applicable to all Christians, and helps us during our own spiritual journey.

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  • The Crowd and The Compass - Part One (1 of 8)Larry Osborne
  • The Crowd and the Compass - Part Two (2 of 8)Larry Osborne
  • After You Have Crashed and Burned (3 of 8)Chris Brown
  • When Life Doesn't Make Sense (4 of 8)Chris Brown
  • The Real Road Less Traveled (5 of 8)Larry Osborne
  • How Big Is Your God? (6 of 8)Chris Brown
  • What To Expect When God Takes Over (7 of 8)Larry Osborne
  • Lyrics Or A Lifestyle? (8 of 8)Chris Brown

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