Sermon Series: How the Good Go Bad by Chris Brown

In this six-week series, Pastors Larry Osborne and Chris Brown highlight various characters throughout Scripture who started out well, only to finish very poorly.

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  • Lot's Greed (1 of 8)Larry Osborne
  • Cain's Homemade Religion (2 of 8)Larry Osborne
  • King Me (3 of 8)Chris Brown
  • How Good Families Go Bad (4 of 8)Chris Brown
  • Miriam's Envy and Selfish Ambition (5 of 8)Larry Osborne
  • Pharisees: Zeal Gone Bad (6 of 8)Larry Osborne
  • From Good, To Bad, To Better - Peter's Rookie Season (7 of 8)Chris Brown
  • Rehoboam: Leadership Lost (8 of 8)Larry Osborne

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