Sermon Series: Company of the Committed: 7 Traits of Highly Effective Christians by Larry Osborne

A 7-part series that looks at seven areas of the Christian life that are very important if we want to be effective Christians. Learn how to be an effective Christian and have an impact on the world, our workplace, our school, our neighborhood and our homes.

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  • A Biblical Mindset (1 of 7)Larry Osborne
  • Genuine Accountability (2 of 7)Larry Osborne
  • Pattern of Prayer (3 of 7)Chris Brown
  • Time Out For Worship (4 of 7)Larry Osborne
  • Serving Others (5 of 7)Larry Osborne
  • Generosity (6 of 7)Larry Osborne
  • Spiritual Influence (7 of 7)Larry Osborne

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