Sermon Series: Babylon by Chris Brown

When King Nebuchadnezzar conquered Judah in 605 B.C., his empire was the greatest in the world. He brought educated, young, male Israelites like Daniel back to Babylon to serve in the king's palace. This series focuses on the lessons we can learn from the life of Daniel in choosing to hold fast to your convictions, rather than conforming to the world.

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  • Convictions or Conformity? (1 of 7)Chris Brown
  • Whose Kingdom Are You Building? (2 of 7)Chris Brown
  • Willing to Be Discovered? (3 of 7)Chris Brown
  • The High Price of An Untamed Ego (4 of 7)Larry Osborne
  • What's Written on Your Wall? (5 of 7)Chris Brown
  • Grandpa In the Lions' Den (6 of 7)Chris Brown
  • Weird Dreams & Idiotic Speculation (7 of 7)Larry Osborne

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