Sermon Series: Who's In Your Fave 5? by Chris Brown

Pastors Larry and Chris highlight life’s most important relationships in this five-week series: God, Family, Friends, Church and Neighbors. Find out what the Bible has to say about each of these vital relationships.

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  • A Personal Relationship with God? (1 of 10)Larry Osborne
  • How Two Become One (2 of 10)Larry Osborne
  • Until Death Do Us Part? (3 of 10)Chris Brown
  • Raising Good Kids, Against Bad Odds (4 of 10)Chris Brown
  • The Family Feud (5 of 10)Chris Brown
  • When Good Kids Go Bad (6 of 10)Larry Osborne
  • You Are Who You Run With (7 of 10)Chris Brown
  • Friends Tell Friends (8 of 10)Chris Brown
  • The Other Family We Don't Get To Choose (9 of 10)Larry Osborne
  • Who's My Neighbor? (10 of 10)Larry Osborne

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