Sermon Series: Compassion - Make a Difference by Frank Damazio

The word compassion means to be sympathetic of others’ distress with a desire to alleviate it, show mercy, or help them in any way at any cost. Compassion sees a need and moves toward meeting that need, even if it involves personal sacrifice. Compassion is the quality of showing kindness and favor, of being gracious to any and all people. Start to follow Jesus into a life of showing compassion to many people all around us in our cities, towns, neighborhoods, and metro area. Be inspired to see a need and make a difference through compassion.
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  • Compassion for Hurting People (1 of 4)Frank Damazio
  • Compassion For The Sick (2 of 4)Frank Damazio
  • Compassion For The Harassed (3 of 4)Frank Damazio
  • Compassion For The Broken (4 of 4)Frank Damazio

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