Sermon Series: Psalms - Desiring God by Frank Damazio

“Psalms – Desiring God” focuses on the importance of directing our heart passion toward God and enjoying our relationship with God. God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. The Psalms give us strength for our burdens, courage for our battles, comfort for our sorrows and most of all, fires our soul to follow hard after God.
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  • David and the Psalms (1 of 5)Frank Damazio
  • Psalm 63: Psalm Of The Thirsty Soul (2 of 5)Frank Damazio
  • Psalm 46: Psalm of Triumphant Faith (3 of 5)Frank Damazio
  • Psalm 100: Psalm Of Giving Our Praise To God (4 of 5)Frank Damazio
  • Psalm 51: Psalm Of The Restored Life (5 of 5)Frank Damazio

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