Sermon Series: Miracles! Then and Now by Jeff Schreve

Did they really happen in Bible times? Do they still happen today? Yes! God has not lost his recipe for manna. If you need a miracle, God has the ability to meet your need ... miraculously! In this hopeful 6-MESSAGE series, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares how the God who performed miracles in the past can and does perform miracles today ... even in your life! 
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  • When Life is the Pits (1 of 5)Jeff Schreve
  • Who Signed Me Up For This? (2 of 5)Jeff Schreve
  • Pitiful Decisions (3 of 5)Jeff Schreve
  • Saying Goodbye to the Pit (4 of 5)Jeff Schreve
  • The Waiting Game (5 of 5)Jeff Schreve

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