Sermon Series: Let it Rain by Jeff Schreve

Spiritually dry! Does that phrase describe you? So many Christians come to church, sing the songs, listen to the messages and do the right things, but their lives are only experiencing mercy drops from heaven rather than the showers of grace and blessings God longs to send. What is the answer for a spiritually dry life? You can return to God with all that you are and experience a flood of His joy, peace and power. Find out how in this 6-MESSAGE series from Pastor Jeff Schreve. 
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  • Do You Need A Revival? (1 of 6)Jeff Schreve
  • God In HD (High Definition) (2 of 6)Jeff Schreve
  • Honest to God? (3 of 6)Jeff Schreve
  • When Revival Comes (4 of 6)Jeff Schreve
  • All Because of Grace (5 of 6)Jeff Schreve
  • Running on Empty (6 of 6)Jeff Schreve

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