Sermon Series: How to Win at the Game of Life by Jeff Schreve

Everyone likes to win. It is so much more fun than losing. Many people know what it takes to win at football or golf or video games … but what about winning at life? How does a person do that? God has given us the answer to that great question in the book of Proverbs. Proverbs are powerful nuggets of wisdom and insight that help us see life from the God's perspective. In this 7-MESSAGE series, Pastor Jeff Schreve delves into the book of Proverbs and finds practical help for making wise and winning decisions that will bear fruit for the Kingdom of God. 
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  • Do You Want to be Wise? (1 of 7)Jeff Schreve
  • I Pity the Fool (2 of 7)Jeff Schreve
  • Who Me, a Couch Potato? (3 of 7)Jeff Schreve
  • God Got Your Tongue? (4 of 7)Jeff Schreve
  • Anger Management (5 of 7)Jeff Schreve
  • Dollars and Sense (6 of 7)Jeff Schreve
  • I Still Do (7 of 7)Jeff Schreve

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