Sermon Series: Desperate Households by Jeff Schreve

Without question, marriages and families are in trouble. Many households truly are in desperate shape. Is there hope? YES! In this 7-MESSAGE series, Pastor Jeff Schreve reveals God's answers that will turn your marriage and family from desperate to delightful. 
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  • Good Marriages Don't Just Happen (1 of 7)Jeff Schreve
  • And God Created Woman (2 of 7)Jeff Schreve
  • Turning Him On and Off (3 of 7)Jeff Schreve
  • War of the Roses (4 of 7)Jeff Schreve
  • Affair-Proofing Your Marriage (5 of 7) Jeff Schreve
  • A Slice of Heaven (6 of 7)Jeff Schreve
  • Honorable Mention (7 of 7)Jeff Schreve

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