Sermon Series: Arise and Build by Jeff Schreve

Has life dealt you a tough blow? Do you feel as if your hopes and drams have been broken and burned? Nehemiah was faced with burned out and broken down walls in God's city, Jerusalem. The situation was TERRIBLE. But like Nehemiah, this first volume from Pastor Jeff Schreve's Arise and Build series, these 6-MESSAGES will show you how to turn your difficulties around by learning about the importance of prayer, faith, and simple obedience. 
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  • It's Time to Arise (1 of 11) Jeff Schreve
  • Unveiling the Mystery of Prayer (2 of 11) Jeff Schreve
  • Roadblocks to the Will of God (3 of 11) Jeff Schreve
  • A Labor of Love (4 of 11)Jeff Schreve
  • Standing in the Face of Discouragement (5 of 11)Jeff Schreve
  • Sin in the Mirror (6 of 11) Jeff Schreve
  • The Devil's Playbook (7 of 11) Jeff Schreve
  • Real Revival (8 of 11) Jeff Schreve
  • Blown Away by God's Grace (9 of 11) Jeff Schreve
  • Are You Playing Games with God? (10 of 11)Jeff Schreve
  • Take No Prisoners (11 of 11) Jeff Schreve

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