Sermon Series: A New Lease on Life by Jeff Schreve

Are you tired of the same old you, year after year? Would you like to see great and awesome changes take place in your life? God is the God of miracles. He is in the business of changing lives and He wants to change yours and give you A NEW LEASE ON LIFE! This a a candid, revealing, and uncompromising 8-MESSAGE series that will free you to be all that God wants you to be. 
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  • Times of Refreshing (1 of 8) Jeff Schreve
  • When You Don't Like Yourself (2 of 8) Jeff Schreve
  • The God of Miracles (3 of 8) Jeff Schreve
  • A New Lease on Love (4 of 8)Jeff Schreve
  • In The Torture Chamber (5 of 8)Jeff Schreve
  • Heavy Burdens (6 of 8) Jeff Schreve
  • Not Guilty (7 of 8) Jeff Schreve
  • No Worries (8 of 8)Jeff Schreve

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