Sermon Series: Blessing Redefined by Jeff Lynn

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  • Recognizing Your Spiritual Poverty: When Bankruptcy is a Good Thing (1 of 8)Jeff Lynn
  • Mourning Over What Matters: What Makes You Cry? (2 of 8)Jeff Lynn
  • Exercising Power Under Control: What Are You Inheriting? (3 of 8)Jeff Lynn
  • Hungering and Thirsting for Righteousness: Are You Satisfied? (4 of 8)Jeff Lynn
  • The Cycle of Mercy: Have Mercy! (5 of 8)Jeff Lynn
  • What it Takes to See God: Do You Have Heart Dis-ease? (6 of 8)Jeff Lynn
  • What's Involved in Making Peace: Is There a Problem? (7 of 8)Jeff Lynn
  • Being Persecuted for Righteousness: Do You Feel the Pressure? (8 of 8)Jeff Lynn

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