Sermon Series: When We Wonder Why? by Stan Coffey

Why? What a profound question. The answer to that question can take us deep into understanding God's heart and the lives He has called us to live. This is a common question for non-Christians to ask, but it is also very common and normal for believers to ask.

     Why is their suffering?
     Why is their sickness?
     Why aren't my prayers answered?
     The list can go on.

In this series, Dr. Stan Coffey confronts these questions and gives great guidance for us as we seek to navigate these tricky questions with our own congregations. This is a great series to download and study and utilize as a resource as your craft your own series on this profound topic.

Showing items 1 - 8 of 8 total.

  • Why Does God Allow Good People to Suffer? (1 of 8)Stan Coffey
  • Why Doesn't God Heal All Sickness? (2 of 8)Stan Coffey
  • Why Doesn't God Always Answer My Prayers? (3 of 8)Stan Coffey
  • Why Does God Allow My Faith to Be Tested? (4 of 8)Stan Coffey
  • Why Does God Allow Wicked People to Prosper? (5 of 8)Stan Coffey
  • Why Is There So Much Evil in the World, and Why Doesn't God Do Something about It? (6 of 8)Stan Coffey
  • Why Does God Seem So Far Away? (7 of 8)Stan Coffey
  • Why Do Bad Things Happen When I'm Trying My Hardest to Live Right? (8 of 8)Stan Coffey

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