Sermon Series: See Jonah Run by James Merritt

Have you ever watched a child do something the he knows he's not supposed to do?  You can just hear him thinking, 'I can do this, nothing's going to happen...' - famous last words!

The story ends one of two ways:  either he gets into a position where he has no choice but to scream for help, or he begins a seemingly endless journey of hiding what he's done from his parents.  Either way, terror builds at the thought of his parents' response.  

You're probably laughing now because you can completely identify with this youthful act of rebellion.  You've been there, not only as a child, but as an adult.  Either you did something you weren't supposed to do, didn't do something you were supposed to do, or you were left dealing with the aftermath of a bad choice or decision.

Just like the little boy, the consequence of your rebellion likely paints a picture of how God now thinks of you.  But is that picture accurate?  In this series, Dr. Merritt shows us God's true heart toward His children when they choose not to obey.  By taking a look at Jonah's story, learn what it means to take advantage of God's gift of second chances!
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  • The Fugitive (1 of 4)James Merritt
  • Second Chance God (2 of 4)James Merritt
  • Back Where I Belong (3 of 4)James Merritt
  • What Really Matters (4 of 4)James Merritt

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