Sermon Series: Easter by Stan Coffey

This is a tremendous series on the life of Jesus centering around the topic of Easter. Stan Coffey methodically takes us through Scripture to highlight those facts surrounding Jesus that can transform our lives. From the simple, yet profound fact that Jesus is alive, and the implications that comes with it, to the sting of death that everyone will face, to the power of hope that comes with Jesus' resurrection, this is a powerful series that can touch each of our lives in profound ways.
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  • Jesus Lives, Hallelujah! (1 of 8)Stan Coffey
  • The Sting of Death (2 of 8)Stan Coffey
  • King of Kings and Lord of Lords (3 of 8)Stan Coffey
  • Jesus Is the Resurrection and the Life (4 of 8)Stan Coffey
  • Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life (5 of 8)Stan Coffey
  • If There Were No Easter (6 of 8)Stan Coffey
  • There is Hope for Life Beyond (7 of 8)Stan Coffey
  • Is There any Hope? (8 of 8)Stan Coffey

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