Sermon Series: The Passion of the Christ by Stan Coffey

Take a journey through the passion of Jesus Christ by examining his poignant final words. During the most strenuous and difficult times of Jesus’ suffering, he uttered profound statements that continue to speak answers of hope, encouragement, truth, and renewal in the hearts and minds of God’s people. The “Passion of the Christ” seeks to challenge us all by examining Jesus’ final words of forgiveness, salvation, sonship, question, humanity, accomplishment, and assurance. In this series, the people of God are confronted head on with the severity of Jesus’ sufferings. However, at the very same time, they are given full assurance of a loving savior who recognized the sacrifice he must make in order to make sure our redemption.
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  • Forgiveness: The Most Beautiful Word (1 of 7)Stan Coffey
  • Salvation: The Most Essential Word (2 of 7)Stan Coffey
  • Mother: The Most Earthly Word (3 of 7)Stan Coffey
  • Why: The Most Mysterious Word (4 of 7)Stan Coffey
  • I Thirst: The Most Human Words (5 of 7)Stan Coffey
  • Finished: The Greatest Word Ever Spoken (6 of 7)Stan Coffey
  • Into Thy Hands: The Safest Word (7 of 7)Stan Coffey

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