Sermon Series: Reach by Lenny Ports

The Great Commission includes the concept of coming out of ourselves to REACH others with the Gospel of Christ. In this series, we explore how Jesus first reached us, so that we would reach up to Him, and then reach out to others. It is so important to understand that in order to bring healing to others, we must minister from that place that has been healed in us.
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  • Reach up, Reach in, Reach Out (1 of 6)Lenny Ports
  • The Power of Your Story (2 of 6)Lenny Ports
  • Mercy (3 of 6)Lenny Ports
  • Healed Healers - Part I (4 of 6)Lenny Ports
  • Healed Healers - Part II (5 of 6)Lenny Ports
  • Limitless (6 of 6)Lenny Ports

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