Sermon Series: A Journey of Faith by Lenny Ports

Each and every one of us is on a journey of faith. It began at salvation and it continues until we see Jesus. This series equips the believer to understand scripturally what faith is and how we are to use the faith that God has given us. Too many Christians are just warming a seat and not truly exercising their faith in God. You will learn what it means to "step out of the boat," to live by faith, to wait on the Lord, to fight the good fight of faith, and many other aspects of our faith in Jesus! 

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  • Living a Life of Faith (1 of 8)Lenny Ports
  • Fight the Good Fight of Faith (2 of 8)Lenny Ports
  • Your Faith Has Made You Whole (3 of 8)Lenny Ports
  • Faith on Trial (4 of 8)Lenny Ports
  • Faith Works through Love (5 of 8)Lenny Ports
  • Faith in the Invisible (6 of 8)Lenny Ports
  • Fear-Defeating Faith (7 of 8)Lenny Ports
  • Faith Requires Waiting (8 of 8)Lenny Ports

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