Sermon Series: Magnetic by James Merritt

This series is going to begin with what, I believe, is the first foundational quality that makes the church so magnetic. I am not even the one that is saying this. Jesus said it. We really need to hear what Jesus had to say, because by many accounts, the church is falling out of favor. Its influence is waning. There are a lot of people that want to blame the culture, because it is becoming more and more secular, more and more resistant to truth and that's part of it. I believe the bigger part of the problem is the church itself. I think far too many churches instead of being magnets that draw people have instead become monuments that repel people. One of the reasons is because we have forgotten something that Jesus spoke in some of His last words to His disciples before His crucifixion. 
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  • Crazy Love (1 of 4)James Merritt
  • Straight Talk (2 of 4)James Merritt
  • Open Hands (3 of 4)James Merritt
  • Magnetic Personality (4 of 4)James Merritt

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