Sermon Series: Otherwise by James Merritt

We are beginning a series we are calling ''Live Otherwise.'' In this series, we are going to share some uncommon wisdom for people who have tried everything and a lot of things didn't work out. There are only two types of decisions you can make. From a human perspective, we could call them either good decisions or bad decisions. From God's perspective, you will either make wise decisions or foolish decisions. Just as every parent wants to train their children to make wise decisions, God wants His children making wise decisions. God wants us to live otherwise. Key Take Away: The wisest decision is to seek God's wisdom for every decision.
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  • On the Other Hand (1 of 5)James Merritt
  • Some Other Time (2 of 5)James Merritt
  • How the Other Half Lives (3 of 5)James Merritt
  • The Other Side of Life (4 of 5)James Merritt
  • One Foot in Front of the Other (5 of 5)James Merritt

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