Sermon Series: Beauty Begins | Strength Starts by Kerry Shook

In this 4 part sermon series by Pastor Kerry Shook called "Beauty Begins | Strength Starts", Pastor Shook helps us to build beautiful relationships with one another. He does this by bringing us back to God’s design in creation of the true man and the true woman. He reveals how culture has distorted this image and given us false understanding and false goals when it comes to womanhood and manhood. This is a great series on the restoration of relationships through the restoration of our identity in Christ.
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  • Beauty and Strength (1 of 4)Kerry Shook
  • The Irresistibly Attractive Man (2 of 4)Kerry Shook
  • Beautiful Struggle (3 of 4)Kerry Shook
  • Strengthened in the Storm (4 of 4)Kerry Shook

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