Sermon Series: Connect and Serve by Jason Dees

Connect and Serve is a series of teachings from 1 Corinthians 12-14 about the importance of community and service in the life of a local church.  God has gifted his church in so many ways but he has also called us to use our gifts to serve his church, and to serve the world for the sake of the glory of Christ.  Through these sermons we will see that when the church is united in the things we believe, and motivated by love, God will use us to do great things for his Kingdom.

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  • Spiritual Gifts (1 of 5)Jason Dees
  • The Importance of Love (2 of 5)Jason Dees
  • The Way of Love (3 of 5)Jason Dees
  • Doing the Most Good (4 of 5)Jason Dees
  • Order in the Church (5 of 5)Jason Dees

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