Sermon Series: Revelation of Grace by Eddie Snipes

God has revealed grace so we can understand that there is no barrier between us and perfect fellowship with God. The Old Testament believers were forbidden to come into God’s presence, but once Christ conquered sin, the veil that stood between us and God’s holiness was torn from heaven’s side down to man. Now we are commanded to come confidently before God without fear, because Jesus made and end of sin. Until you understand grace, and how it is the defeat of sin, you will never grow beyond superficial Christianity. This series can be a tool to guide you into faith in His grace.

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  • What is Grace (1 of 10)Eddie Snipes
  • Why Do People Need Salvation? (2 of 10)Eddie Snipes
  • How Sin Is Removed (3 of 10)Eddie Snipes
  • Complete Redemption (4 of 10)Eddie Snipes
  • The End of Wrath (5 of 10)Eddie Snipes
  • Overcoming Sin (6 of 10)Eddie Snipes
  • The Purpose of Sin (7 of 10)Eddie Snipes
  • Why Sin Is Not Imputed (8 of 10)Eddie Snipes
  • The Bible's Threefold Teaching on Sin (9 of 10)Eddie Snipes
  • The Boundaries Between Faith and the Flesh (10 of 10)Eddie Snipes

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