Sermon Series: Rise: Seize the Moment, Shatter the Darkness by Kerry Shook

This series by Kerry Shook is tremendous! Check out the intro to this series that left me on the edge of seat wanting to read more. This series can help you hone your message as you seek to motivate your congregation to seize the moment!

We believe more than ever that God has raised up the church to change the world!  There is no doubt that we are living in a time of unprecedented darkness and evil that is enveloping our world.  We believe, however, that we are also living in an era of unprecedented opportunity to raise up The Light of the World and shatter the darkness.  We have a choice to make in this most critical defining moment in history.  We can rise up in faith and seize the moment or we can shrink back in fear.  We choose again as a church to rise to the occasion and to seize the moment and shatter the darkness with the light and love of Christ. 
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  • Faith Rising (1 of 6)Kerry Shook
  • Raising Vision (2 of 6)Kerry Shook
  • Time to Rise (3 of 6)Kerry Shook
  • The Life God Blesses (4 of 6)Kerry Shook
  • Unsinkable Faith (5 of 6)Kerry Shook
  • Faith That Overcomes the Darkness (6 of 6)Kerry Shook

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