Sermon Series: Bridge Builders: People Reaching People by Rick White

Throughout Jesus' ministry, we see Him ministering to the weak, the broken, and the outcasts. We even see Him criticized for loving those that society has labeled "sinners." In this series, Rick White calls the church to emmulate Jesus' life and not just talk about evangelization, but to actually make it a part of our lives. In Rick's words, "Evangelism is a generally accepted core value in the Christian church. However, it is more of a stated value than a realized value. The goal of this teaching series is to turn-up the evangelistic temperature of our church to the point that on-going evangelism becomes a realized value."
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  • It All Started with a Cup of Water (1 of 6)Rick White
  • Lost People Matter to God (2 of 6)Rick White
  • Is My Neighbor Really Lost (3 of 6)Rick White
  • Evangelism: Low Risk, High Grace (4 of 6)Rick White
  • It's Okay to Party (5 of 6)Rick White
  • Famous Last Words (6 of 6)Rick White

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