Sermon Series: Christmas Miracles by Rick White

Rick White uses these four powerful Christmas sermons to share with us an overview of the main themes we all find ourselves experiencing during the Christmas season: pursuit of truth, presents, plans, and perspectives.

In the first and second sermon, Rick White introduces us to the Magi who followed the signs God gave them to worship the newborn king. He uses them as examples for how we can rely on God to lead us to Him if we are truly pursuing Him. In our pursuit, we will find the present of baby Jesus and see how this gift from God is a grace-gift that is beyond measure in its value.

In the final two sermons Rick encourages us when we think our Christmas plans have gone awry. He uses Mary and Joseph’s lives as examples to help us respond well when the unexpected occurs. He then helps us to think about our perspective about Christmas. He exhorts us to live out the values of Christmas such as peace, joy, forgiveness, throughout the year, and not just for the month of December.

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  • What Do You Want for Christmas? (1 of 4)Rick White
  • The Best Christmas Gift Ever (2 of 4)Rick White
  • When Christmas Plans Get Messed Up (3 of 4)Rick White
  • T'was the Day after Christmas (4 of 4)Rick White

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