The Unveiling Of Jesus Christ by Jerry Vines

Revelation 1:1-3
Let me encourage you to bring lost people to hear these messages in
The Revelation. I don't know of a book of the Bible or a study that could be
as helpful in bringing people to know Jesus as their Savior as this book. So,
get some lost folks and bring them and let's just pray that God will give us a
great ingathering of lost people as we go through this book together.
A few years ago I read an article in the newspaper which gave a
report of a group of scientists, about 186 of them in number, who challenged
what they called the pretentious claims of astrological charlatans. In other
words, they were attacking a concept of astrology. In their article they go on
to say that there is no scientific basis for astrology whatsoever. They said
that it can only contribute to the growth of irrationalism and obscurantism.
They went on to point out the fact that astrology, which began as a fun game,
often ends up as a mighty serious business. They said that the steady and
ready availability of astrological predictions can, over many years, have
insidious influence on a person's personal judgment. Then, they close out by
raising the question: Why is it that astrology seems to have such a
fascination and such a hold on people. Here is what they said. In these
uncertain times, many long for the comfort of having guidance in making
decisions. I agree with them in everything they said until they come now to
this final statement. Here's what they said: We must realize that our futures
lie in ourselves and not in the stars. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm here to tell
you that the future does not lie in the stars. It does not lie in ourselves,
but it lies in the Scriptures--the Word of God. In Psalm 31:15, the Bible
My times are in thy hands.
The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
If you have an older copy of the Bible--a King James Bible-- you
may notice a title there that says this: The Revelation of ...

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