Let Me Tell You A Secret (6 Of 18) by Jerry Vines

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Colossians 1:24-29
Jerry Vines
LifeWorks #6

If I could tell you a secret which would explain how you could be everything you
ought to be and everything you want to be, would you be interested? All of us are
interested in being in on a secret. Most people can keep a secret, it just takes a lot of us to
do it. So, I’ve always enjoyed having a secret.
When I was about 9 years I was a member of the Secret Lone Ranger Club. We
had a secret mask I could put so my identity would be secret. I also had a secret map to
the silver mine where we manufactured the silver bullets. I enjoyed being a member of
that secret organization.
Then we go up another club one day at school. We went out into the woods and
built a little clubhouse. We had a secret password that would get you in and out of our
clubhouse. We had a secret handshake. We were really enjoying that around school
because we had some secrets nobody else had.
Things were going pretty good until we let Larry into the club. Larry was one of
those kind that just couldn’t keep a secret. Larry blabbed out all the secret information at
school and blew our club.
A secret is something is wonderful and you enjoy being a part of it. The Apostle
Paul is writing here about the Christian life and how it works. He is writing about the
sufficiency of the Lord Jesus Christ and the ministry that God had given to him. Right in
the middle of all that kind of writing Paul says, “I have a mystery for you. I have a secret
for you.” Twice in these verses, in verse 26 and 27, he uses the word mystery.
That’s not what we think about when we think about a mystery. We think in terms
of a who-dun-it. We think about a Sherlock Holmes or a John Gresham or an Alfred
Hitchcock. But when the Bible uses this word, mystery, it was a word that really would
have caught the attentio ...

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