The One And Only (4 Of 18) by Jerry Vines

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Col. 1:15-20
Jerry Vines
1998 Pastors Conference
LifeWorks, #4
I’m in a series of messages which I have called life works. In this book it sets forth
the fullness of Jesus Christ and our completeness in Him. We really learn how life works.
As I was praying and preparing I asked the Lord what He would have me to preach. He
said, “Why don’t you just preach to the preachers what you do to your folks on Sunday.”
So, you are going to just get what the home folks get in our series of messages in
the book of Colossians.
I was in a bookstore sometime ago and I ran across a book entitled, One Jesus,
Many Christs. I have thought that this book’s title pretty well reflects the religious
atmosphere in America. People are saying today that Jesus Christ is just one among many.
There is no uniqueness, there is nothing out-of-the-ordinary about Jesus Christ. He is just
one Jesus, but there are many Christs.
There are many today who say that it really doesn’t matter what kind of religion
you have if that religion works for you. If it is true for you, then it is true. There are
those today who say, “Well, you’re a Christian. That’s great. Jesus is a Messiah. I
believe Ronald McDonald is a messiah so my truth is equally as valid and as real as your
It is the thesis of this book that Jesus Christ is not just prominent, He is pre-
eminent. Jesus Christ is not just A way, He is THE way. Jesus Christ is not just A truth,
He is THE truth. Jesus Christ is not just a life, He is THE life. Jesus Christ is not just one
among many, Jesus is the ONE AND ONLY.
In these verses, this Lord Jesus Christ, the one and only is set forth in many ways.
Jesus Christ is the one and only -
Jesus Christ is the Creator of the universe. What you believe about your origin
will have a great deal to do with what you believe about your destiny. Jesus Christ is the
One and Only, Above the Creation.
Focus on two words in verse 15 -- image and firstborn. “He is the image of the
invisible God.” That sets forth the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. The image, the exact
representation of God. Hebrews 1:3 puts it this way, “He is the express image of His
The Greek word here is the word ___________. We get our word, icon, from it. I
have an AOL icon on my computer. That means that the America On Line system is
represented by that icon. When I click that AOL icon, everything that America On Line
has to offer is made available to me. Jesus Christ is the image, the icon, of God. When I
touch Jesus Christ everything God is, is made available to me. He is the exact
representation of God. That simply means that when you see Jesus you see God. Jesus
Christ reveals and makes visible the invisible God. Is God all-knowing? Jesus is a ...

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