All Things New (6 of 6) by Zach Terry

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All Things New (6 of 6)
Series: East of Eden
Zach Terry
Revelation 21

ILLUSTRATION: I am a fan of the cultural phenomenon known as binge watching. As a matter of fact I have found it so annoying to go back to the slow pace of one new episode per week! How did we ever survive that way?

GOTHAM is my latest pleasure. Julie and I watched about 10 episodes on our off day. But here's the things - I'll watch it on one television, then the laptop, then another television… THEN, God forbid… my kids will watch one with out me…one of the bugs in the system is that sometimes Netflix will forget where I was at in the progress and I'll miss an episode. Then I'll get a few episodes in and realize there are characters that were never properly introduced… where did they come from? All of the other characters seem to be acquainted with them. Then I'll realize - I missed an episode.

OK - Because I know what came before and now that I know what comes after. I can normally put together how the story progressed during the missing episode. As a matter of fact, I could probably write the missing episode.

NOW - do you see that the Bible gives us Episodes 1-10 (That is Creation up to the founding of the Church) AND it gives us the last few Episodes (in that part of scripture known as Apocalyptic literature, Revelation, Ezekiel, parts of Isaiah) so we know how the story ends…. and WE ARE LIVING in the missing episodes.

But if you know the previous storyline… and you know how the story ends - you can make sense out of the episodes you are living in. You can determine what decisions you should make in order to allow the story to progress as it is written.

Repeatedly, we see the biblical writers reminding people where they stand in the unfolding storyline of history.

Think about it; The Lord's Table

As often as you do this - PRESENT
Do this in remembrance of me - PAST
Until I come - FUTURE


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