The Politician Who Sold Him Out (11 Of 14) by Jerry Vines

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Luke 23:1-7, 13-25
Jerry Vines

PJM, #11

The Bible says that Jesus witnessed a good confession before Pontius Pilate. Pilate will go
down in history as the man who signed the death treaty for the Lord Jesus. He is the one who
declared the death warrant that the Son of God would be crucified to death on the cross of Calvary.
Politician Pilate. He was the governor of Judaea. It was no bed of roses to be the governor of
Judaea. He hated the Jews and they hated him. They gave him every possible difficulty and hard
time they could and he was no better to them. He was a vicious, wicked, cruel man.
Pilate was a politician, a man whose life revolved around politics. Politics, in and of itself,
is not a bad thing. The word, politics, means the art and science of government. A politician is a
person who is experienced in the art and science of government. So, there is nothing in and of itself
wrong with politics. Aristotle said, "Man is a political animal." I think this is true. Any time there
are people who gather together and votes are taken, there will be a political process involved.
Nothing wrong with politics or with politicians. Many godly people, people with high morals, many
people whose motives are noble and right, get into the field of politics. In fact, we should pray that
more good people would enter into the field of politics. I would say to you that if you are going into
the field of politics as a Christian or good moral person, you are going to have a very difficult time.
It is a field where many times the godless prevail. It is a field where many times not moral matters,
but lesser matters are the major criteria o ...

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