He Almost Had It All (8 of 14) by Jerry Vines

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He Almost Had It All (8 of 14)
Series: People Jesus Met
Jerry Vines
Mark 10:17-31

Last Sunday morning we awoke to the tragic news that Diana, Princess of Wales, had been killed in a car accident. It happened in Paris at about midnight. The Mercedes she was riding in was in a terrible accident and she was pulled from the car gasping and crying. They carried her to a hospital where they feverishly tried to save her life. Finally, they opened up her chest and massaged her heart by hand. About 3:00 in the morning, Diana died.

Many people would say that she was a great deal like this young ruler in our Scripture. She almost had it all. She was born into a family of wealth. She married into royalty. She had an unlimited budget. She could travel all over the world, wear any kind of clothes she desired, and she was indeed an international celebrity. She almost had it all.

That word, almost, is where the story line is. She was born into a family that became a broken family. She married into a marriage where she was not loved. Though she was surely loved by her two sons and loved by people in the world, somehow, Diana never seemed to feel she was loved. So, she went through a bad marriage, an adulterous affair, suffered bouts of depression and bulimia, attempted suicide. She almost had it all and yet never seemed to have the one thing that she desperately wanted. Time Magazine gives a very revealing quotation that she made on one occasion. She said, "The biggest disease this world suffers from is people feeling unloved." So, she tried everything to find love and yet she seemed not to find it. So, she died in a Mercedes, in the company of a deadbeat playboy who left behind a string of unpaid bills and a string of lovers. She died in a car where the driver had three times over the legal limit of alcohol. She almost had it all, but the one thing she seemed to want, to feel love, eluded her.

Jesus met a man very much like this. He indeed almost had it all. The Bible calls him the rich young ruler. There's a whole right about this young man. He did the right thing. He came to Jesus. He came at the right time. He was a young man. He came to the right person. He came to Jesus. He asked the right question. He wanted to know how to go to heaven. He got the right answer. Jesus pointed him in the way. Yet, he did the wrong thing. He made the biggest mistake a person will ever make. In that is the story -- he almost had it all.

Let's look at this meeting between Jesus and the rich young ruler. We see first of all-

Here is a young man who has a noble aspiration. The Bible says in verse 17, "There came one running, and kneeled to him." He was a young man. Isn't youth a wonderful thing? It's a marvelous thing for people to seek Jesus when they are young. I was nine years old when I gave my life to Christ and I have never re ...

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