The Gift Of The Word Of Wisdom (14 of 18) by Stan Coffey

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The Gift of The Word of Wisdom (14 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
I Corinthians 12:7-8

Tonight we want to study God's word so if you will take your Bibles and turn to I Corinthians chapter 12. Tonight we're going to be studying about the word of wisdom and the gift of the word of wisdom. As I study I realize that Bible scholars are not agreed upon the word of wisdom. It's a very vital and important gift through the body of Christ. We've been studying the motivational gifts as you know and we've looked at that list that we find of motivational spiritual gifts in Romans chapter 12. We've seen many of those gifts and I hope you have found your gift. If you have not, don't be discouraged. We'll come back to that list after awhile and help you to find your spiritual gift.

But, tonight we want to look at the word of wisdom. I thought maybe we would cover the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge, but I think we'll not have time to do all of that. We'll try to do the word of wisdom. You may be gifted of God with the word of wisdom and I hope as we look at I Corinthians chapter 12 and some other passages of scripture that if you are, you will be able to recognize that. Now when we finish, before I go on visitation, I'm going to go up and share with the choir. The choir is practicing right now, so we really have a great group here tonight. There are 50-60 people in the choir in choir rehearsal. I want to go up and briefly just share with them the meat of this message. I won't be able to share with them very long, but at least I will share part of it with them.

Now look in I Corinthians 12:7 and you'll recognize that this again is a list of spiritual gifts, not the same list that we've been looking at in Romans chapter 12, but a different list. It was very important to notice what Paul says here. Let's go to verse 7 because here is a key verse. "But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit wi ...

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