The Baptism With The Holy Spirit (1 of 18) by Stan Coffey

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The Baptism With the Holy Spirit (1 of 18)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Matthew 3:11-12

I'm going to share several passages tonight so you may want to get your Bible ready and your notes ready and your pencil ready as I talk about "The Baptism With the Holy Spirit". We're going to look at seven passages in the word of God that deal specifically with the phrase, "baptism with the Holy Spirit". Now I realize tonight that this is a subject on which many, many people hold different interpretations. So I don't want in any way, for anybody tonight to interpret this message as an antagonism toward any group of people or any person. I have many, many people who I consider to be wonderful, dear friends, and people of God, who do not agree with me on this subject. So, I'm not coming to you tonight with any kind of attack, just to share with you what I believe the Bible is saying in these verses that deal with this subject, "baptism with the Holy Spirit". I'm grateful that the people of God can disagree on points of doctrine without being disagreeable. Amen? That's a mark of the New Testament church and a church that's filled with the love of Jesus Christ. So I'm going to try and give you what I understand the Bible teaches about the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

Now today there is a wide spread teaching about this subject which says, in essence, that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is an experience subsequent to salvation. That when you are saved you do not get everything that you need and subsequent to that salvation experience you are to seek for, tarry for, pray for, the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And when you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the evidence of that is you will speak in tongues, that it's something additional to salvation, that it's a second blessing, so to speak, that you receive Christ as your Savior at one point, then later on you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Now this is a teaching that has be ...

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