When the Sifting Comes by Rex Yancey

When the Sifting Comes
Rex Yancey
Luke 22:24-34

There was a vacuum cleaner salesman who stopped by a home way out in the country. He told the lady of the house that he had a vacuum cleaner that would suck up everything in the room. He took some ashes from the fireplace and piled them up on the floor. He told her that this cleaner would sucked all those ashes up or I will eat it. The lady said, ''Mr. you had better start eating because we don't have any electricity here!''

Have you ever had a power failure in your life? Have you ever taken matters into your own hands because you were not real sure the Lord could pull it off?

The disciples did not know what the Lord was all about, but they sensed a crisis ahead. They began to argue among themselves about who was the greatest in the kingdom.

Jesus used this argument as a backdrop to teach them some valuable lessons.


The tragedy of this is our enemy works his way into our churches. One cartoon said, ''We have found the enemy and the enemy is us!''

Job's experience

Satan met with the heavenly counsel. Job's faithfulness and blamelessness was brought up. Satan argues that he lived that way because he had a hedge built around him. God gave Satan permission to test Job. Through all of Job's losses he stood true to God.

There is a great deal more going on in our world than we might realize.

Satan is going to sift the disciples like wheat.

''You'' is in the plural. Sifting trials and trouble would come. They would experience a power failure.

Evil is not the ultimate power in the world. However, Satan is opposed to us. We can sit still ...

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