Islam's False Book (3 of 11) by Stan Coffey

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Islam's False Book (3 of 11)
Revelation 22:18-19

Well today we come to lesson three of "Islam: What You Need To Know Now" If you did not receive the little book, I think we may have some of the little books left. If you'll lift your hand our ushers will get you a copy of the little book THE FACTS OF ISLAM. It will be very helpful as a background study to what I'm going to be sharing with you. As we study "Islam: What You Need To Know Now" you realize this is an overview and a survey of what Islam believes. Islam is a very complex religion. There are many different groups in Islam. So as we study Islam we realize it would be impossible in a few weeks to explain everything about Islam. I want to explain enough so that we'll understand and be able to relate to our Islamic neighbors and friends, that we'll be able to know what they believe and what the core of their beliefs are. We'll be able to relate to them and also be able to understand the extremists in Islam and where they are coming from.Today's lesson is "Islam's Book". Islam's book, or Islam's Bible called the Quran. Now, as we studied last week Mohammed, the prophet came along in the 6th century. It was in the 6th century that he founded Islam. Some 600 years after Christ, Mohammed claimed to have received an additional revelation from God. He claimed to have received this revelation through visions and through the words given him by the angel Gabriel. And so we looked last week at the prophet himself, the world leader, the king, the poet, the prophet, Mohammed.

Now, the Bible is instructive about how we are to deal with later revelations, with later books or later visions that came after the Bible was written, after the canon of scripture was closed. Last week I read to you from Galatians 1 where Paul said that if Paul himself or an angel from heaven preached any other gospel than the gospel that he had delivered unto them, let him be a ...

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