From Glorious Victory To Shameful Defeat (7 of 15) by Stan Coffey

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From Glorious Victory To Shameful Defeat (7 of 15)
Joshua 7:1
February 24, 2002

Well, it's good to see you here today and I believe God has a great word for us. I had a marvelous time this week in the Word of God and I can't wait to share what the Lord gave me from the book of Joshua. We're studying the book of Joshua under the title "Journey Into Freedom", claiming all that God has for our life, reaching our fullest potential in Christ, leading the victorious Christian life. But, today our lesson title is "From Glorious Victory to Shameful Defeat". You know, you can learn sometimes from defeat. Heard about one of our special op boys over in Afghanistan, he got a Dear John letter. Young people that means he got a letter from his girlfriend that said, "I can't wait till you get back. P.S. I found somebody else." But, to make it worse she said, "Send me my picture back." Not only did she jilt him and say "I'm not your girlfriend any longer." She said, "Send me my picture back." Well he was just so depressed. His buddies got concerned about him. And so they knew what had happened and they read the letter. So they got together and each one of them pitched in pictures of old girlfriends. They put all the pictures in the mail and mailed it back to his ex fiancé and they sent this note. They said, "Dear ex fiancé, here are pictures of all my girlfriends. I can't remember which one you are so pick out your picture and send the rest back to me."

Well even defeating circumstances can teach us some valuable lessons and that's what we're going to learn today. In Joshua 7:1 we read the background of the conquest of Ai. They had defeated the mighty city of Jericho and there were some reasons that they had pride and they had begun to experience prayerlessness. They began to presume on God that just because they won one victory that they would always win the vi ...

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