The Filling Of The Holy Spirit (6 of 16) by Stan Coffey

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The Filling of the Holy Spirit: Part 2 (6 of 16)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Ephesians 5:18

I mentioned that I would not finish with the message last time, and so I want to finish the message I began. The Christian life is not to be a boring, monotonous journey; it is to be a great adventure. For EVERY DAY WITH JESUS IS SWEETER THAN THE DAY BEFORE, where it's not monotonous, but it's momentous because of the Spirit of God taking charge, taking control of our life. The apostle Paul is speaking to the church at Ephesus, and he gives a command. Ephesians 5:18 is in the imperative mood; and imperative is a command, not a request. We pointed out that not only is it in the imperative mood, but it is also in the present active tense. So the verse means that this is something that is continuous, that the filling of the Spirit is ongoing, that it's not just a once for all experience, but it is to be a day by day, a moment by moment yieldedness of yourself to the Lord. But he simply says, "Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery; instead be filled with the Spirit."

We looked at the reasons for being filled with the Holy Spirit. Why should you as a Christian have a desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Why should you have an interest to even listen about being filled with the Holy Spirit? Because God's Word commands that you be filled with the Holy Spirit. He draws a contrast and a comparison. Just as he commands you, "Do not be drunk with wine, but be filled with the Spirit." So just as he commands a negative here, "Do not be drunk with wine, he commands a positive, But be filled with the Spirit." Actually it is better translated, "Allow the Holy Spirit to fill you, "or "Be constantly being filled with the Holy Spirit." The "you" there, the subject of the verse, is passive, that the Holy Spirit is acting upon you. It is something He does in you. It's not something you do for Him; it's not a ...

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