The Filling Of The Holy Spirit (5 of 16) by Stan Coffey

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The Filling of the Holy Spirit (5 of 16)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Ephesians 5:15

We've talked about the Holy Spirit as the breath of God, as the wind of God. We last talked about the Holy Spirit as the living water. Now we want to talk about "The Filling of the Holy Spirit." There's a question that's very fundamental to your life, and that is, are you filled with the Holy Spirit? Can you say, "I'm a spirit-filled Christian"? If you're not sure because you don't know what that is or what a spiritual Christian looks like or that you're filled with the Holy Spirit, then I hope this message will begin to answer that question.

(Read Ephesians 5:15-20)

Some years ago in Fort Worth, a young man was taking lessons, learning how to be a pilot. As everyone does that goes through that training, there comes that point in time in learning to be a pilot when the trainee actually takes the control of the aircraft. The pilot is there and has an opportunity to have control, but he comes to the point where he believes the trainee is ready to take the controls of that plane himself, and he switches over the controls to that trainee. When this particular trainee received control of the plane from the pilot, he froze with fear. He absolutely could not move. It scared him so much that he didn't respond at all. The pilot began to say, "Turn over the controls." In other words, give the controls back to me. "Turn over the controls; turn over the controls; turn over the controls!" But that young man had so frozen with fear that he wasn't able to do it. As a result, there was a plane crash, and those two men both lost their lives.

Very tragic things can happen in the life of a Christian whenever we don't turn over the control of our life to the Holy Spirit. To be filled with the Holy Spirit means to give Him the controls, to allow Him to be the pilot, to allow Him to be in control of our life and to set the direct ...

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