Confidence In Living (12 of 20) by Stan Coffey

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Confidence in Living (12 of 20)
Dr. Stan Coffey
I John 3:19-24

This passage of scripture talks about Confidence in Living, that confidence that only God can give, that confidence that you need in your business to make you successful, that confidence that you need in your home, that confidence that gives you a piece and an edge, a confidence that is supernatural that comes as a result of your relationship with Jesus Christ.

(Read I John 3:19-24)

We are condemned many times as Christians from several different areas. First of all, there is condemnation that comes many times from sin, when sin comes into our life, and we're condemned because of the thoughts and the failures that we find in our life. Then I John talks about a kind of condemnation, a kind of accusing, that comes from Satan. The Bible says that Satan is the accuser of the brethren. Satan so many times comes to you as a believer and tries to steal from you the peace that Jesus gives. He tries to steal from you the confidence that you have toward God as a Christian. He points his finger at you and says, "You're not worthy to be a believer; you're not worthy to be a Christian. Why, look at the life you live." So Satan comes and many, many times puts you down. He causes guilt to come into your life; he causes a feeling of unworthiness to come upon you, and you lose that confidence that you're to have in living.

Then many times we are accused and we are robbed of confidence because of the world. The world looks at Christian people and many times puts us down. The world becomes our enemy. They look down on us and say, "You're a bunch of fools serving Jesus Christ. Look at all you're missing." They try to make us lower than they are. The world tries to take away that confidence that God gives. But this is not talking about an accusing conscience that comes because of the world; it's not talking about accusing conscience that comes because of sin, or even because of Satan. It's talking about an accusing heart in your own life; it's talking about a fault-finding that comes from within your own being, when your inner self finds fault, when your inner self accuses, so that you lose peace, and you lose joy, and
you lose confidence in all that you do in life.

God wants to come and touch your life afresh and anew with a kind of confidence that will cause you not to creep into your work, but to leap into your work, and to be all that God wants you to be. God wants to give you that victory, and I believe He will as you reach out to Him. That's what John is talking about in this particular passage of scripture. I want you to notice I John 3:20. First of all, if you're to recover that confidence, if you're to have confidence in living, there must be an appreciation of the love of God. For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart.

Let me ask you, am I talking to somebody who's condemned in their own heart? In your own ...

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