Real Motherhood: A Mother's Day Sermon by Dave Gustavsen

Real Motherhood: A Mother's Day Sermon
Dave Gustavsen
1 Samuel 1

Alright-we're going to be in 1 Samuel today-toward the beginning of your Bible. 1 Samuel chapter one.

But before we go there, I want to say thank you to all the kids who filled out the ''Mom'' cards in their Chapel Kids class-hopefully you saw the wall of Motherhood as you came in.

And I wanted to just show you a few highlights from those cards-so here is the Top Ten…

What I love about my mom is…She cheers me up when I'm sad and you help me with my problems. I love you and I mean it.

Here's another one: What I love about my mom is that she dose kind things for me. Like getting my pet lizard. And apparently it's a bearded dragon. You would think this would come from a boy, right? But it's not-this is from Amelia.

What I love about my mom: I'm taller than her. Hah! Happy Mother's Day, shorty!

I loved this one. She will always be there for me. When I am sick she will take care of me. When she is sick I will take care of her. And I just loved this picture of the sick child and the thermometer, and the mother sort of hovering over the bed. Mom, you might want to save this card for when you do get sick some day. Right? ''You promised! Time to take care of me!''

This one is much less touching: She lets me buy gum. That's nice of her. Some moms don't let you do that.

But this one's even nicer: She makes me a snack…after my snack. That's my kind of mom!

And then this one: What I like about my mom…is she does like everything for me. I'm not sure that's really healthy, mom. You might want to be more like this mom…

She lets me help her clean the laundry room. That's a smart mom, right? It's MY turn to clean out the lint trap! Bobby did it last time!

This was definitely one of my favorites: She makes me feel awesome when I feel put down. That's pretty powerful, isn't it?

And then this last one-I don't know how old this kid is, but sometimes your admiration for mom can on ...

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