The Prize Of Faith (30 of 48) by Stan Coffey

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The Prize Of Faith (30 of 48)
Series: Creation or Evolution?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 21
June 21, 1987

INTRODUCTION: It was a red letter day in Abraham's life, it was a chapter in his experience to be written in bold capitals, underlined and framed and hung forever in the gallery of faith. There had been other notable days but never a day like that for on that day Isaac was born. Had it been possible for us to be there on that day we might have seen Abraham, aged Abraham popping in and out of his tent laughing and chuckling and beaming and embracing everyone within his reach.

That Isaac should be there at all was a very great miracle. The doubtings, difficulties and disasters were overcome and now the promised son has been born
A. The miracle of the exact nature of the forecast - vs. 1-2
Isaac was born at the set time "of which God had spoken to him" (v.2)
B. The miracle of the exact nature of the fulfillment of the promise - v. 3-8
1. The naming of Isaac - (laughter) - vs. 3
2. The obedience of Abraham - vs. 4
3. The praise of Sarah - vs. 6-7
4. The development of Isaac - vs. 8

II. THE TERRIBLE MOCKERY OF ISHMAEL - vs. 9 "And Sarah saw the son of Hagar, the Egyptian, which she had born unto Abraham mocking."
A. The true nature of Ishmael
Ishmael had been circumcised a year before but it had done nothing to change his rebellious heart. Outward ritual cannot change inward rebellion
B. The privileges of Ishmael - Ishmael had been brought up in a Godly home, had seen his father's Godly life and had been in the camp when the living God Himself and two of His mighty angels came by, yet his mocking revealed the state of his soul

A. Isaac and Ishmael represent the two natures in the believer
1. Ishmael stands for the flesh, the old nature and Isaac, for the spirit, or the new nature.
2. Ishmael was the fruit of the flesh, Isaac was the fruit of faith
B. S ...

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