The Most Far Reaching Sin In History (24 of 48) by Stan Coffey

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The Most Far Reaching Sin In History (24 of 48)
Series: Creation or Evolution?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 16
May 3, 1987

INTRODUCTION: Chapter 16 looks into Abraham's home and records the first Biblical instance of domestic strife. There are three people in the story, Abram, Sarai, and Hagar, the other woman. Picture Abram in a business suit, Sarai in a stylish dress and Hagar as their attractive maid and the situation is as modern as today's news. Abram wanted a son more than anything in the world. Sarai was frustrated beyond words at her inability to give him one. Add to that an attractive slave girl, a legal loophole, some worldly reasoning and the result of that sin is an entanglement so twisted that 4,000 years of history has not unraveled.

It is not unusual for God to be silent. His silences are as eloquent as his sayings.
A. Abrams's double mind - chapter 16:1-4
Double mindedness is always a serious threat to spiritual growth
1. Sarai's problem - verse 1 - lack of fruit
2. Sarai's proposal - verses 2 and 3
3. Sarai's penalty - verse 4 Her mistress was cusped in her eyes"
The blessing and harmony of Abram's Nom- was gone
B. Sarai's deceitful heart - verses 5 and 6
1. The revelation of an untamed tongue - verge 5 "And Sarai said unto Abram, my wrong be upon thee, I have given my maid into thy bosom; and when she saw that she had conceived, was despised in her eyes; the Lord judge between me and thee."
2. The revelation of an untamed temper - verse 6
C. Hagar's defiant will - chapter 16:6 - "And when ...

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