What To Do When Faith Falters (20 of 48) by Stan Coffey

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What To Do When Faith Falters (20 of 48)
Series: Creation or Evolution?
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 12:1-13
March 15, 1987

INTRODUCTION: Today's lesson introduces us to that brightest star in the Hebrew Heaven, Abraham. Abraham was called the friend of God and is honored by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. Abraham's claim to fame was his faith. He is called in Romans 14:11 the father of all them that believe. As we study the life of Abraham over the next several weeks we're going to be studying the life of faith.

A. Faith is not a response to human motivation
1. Faith is the proper response to the revelation of God
2. Before there is faith the must be divine revelation - Gen. 12:1-3
B. Faith is not rooted in human merit
1. When God called Abraham he was an idolater
2. Abraham was made righteous by faith, not by works - Rom 4:3
C. Faith is not rooted in human mentality
1. Faith doesn't have to make sense according to mans logic
2. Faith is a response of obedience to God's command. Abraham went out "not knowing where he went."
3. Faith is finding a promise from God and acting upon it
a. Through Abraham God gave Israel a l ...

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